Workplace, community and individual training:                                                   Mental Health / Mental Hygiene

                                                 Crisis Intervention / Critical Incident

                                                 Suicide Awareness and Prevention

                                                 Suicide Bereavement

                                                 Grief, Loss & Trauma


​​Providing training and information sessions to build individual,  business and community awareness and understanding to maintain mental health,  and the tools and skills to recognise and respond to those at risk or those impacted by suicide.


We can help you acquire the knowledge and skills you’re looking for.


Our course selection is varied and unique to fit all needs and skill levels and are flexible and adaptable from

90-minute awareness sessions to full two-day programs.


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Developed from expertise with various Australian communities and health care professionals, underpinned by the latest research, Talking About ... suite of training programs was born from the evidence that being able to talk safely about mental health, mental illness and suicide can save lives. 

Talking About ... training programs offer professional , 'user-friendly', evidence-informed, evaluated training which reinforces key messages.


For individuals, organisations and communities to help maintain their own mental health and wellbeing  and to be  able to recognise and respond to those who might be struggling with mental health problems or have been impacted by suicide. 

Training is suitable for anyone aged 15 years or older.

Browse our site to learn more, and please get in touch if you have any questions.


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How to recognise and respond to those at risk or bereaved 

The Trainer

Wendy French

Managing Consultant


Wendy is committed to helping organisations, individuals and whole communities learn to understand and maintain mental health and to recognise and respond to mental health issues, suicide and suicide loss.

​Wendy French has presented Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Suicide Bereavement training in various communities around Australia and has spoken and presented at various National and International conferences and forums.​

Implementing and managing a 24/7 crisis and outreach service supporting people bereaved by suicide for 5 years, Wendy has subsequently worked with various communities around Australia experiencing significant suicide loss, assisting them to implement their own suicide response plans, providing community and in-service training including Crisis Intervention, Suicide Prevention, Suicide Bereavement, Individual/Organisational/Community Postvention, Suicide Prevention, Mental Health and Self Care. 

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​Wendy was involved in community consultations for the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Strategy (2010);    the Australian Government Senate Inquiry into Suicide in Australia (2010); the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Strategy (2013); the Tasmanian Youth Suicide Prevention Strategies (2015); and the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Workforce Development Plan (2015).

​In 2017 Wendy was awarded Suicide Prevention Australia's National LiFE Award for Excellence in Suicide Prevention, Community Development and in 2103 was a nominee for the National Life Award for Excellence in Service Delivery.  In 2016 Wendy was the recipient of the Tasmanian Government LiFE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Suicide Prevention.

​As a proud ambassador for local charity Stigma No More Inc. (,  Wendy is committed to making it easier to ask about and talk about mental health, mental illness, and suicide.

​Wendy is also an accredited Master Instructor for Mental Health First Aid, available to urban, rural and remote areas ​to provide the Standard 12-hour Mental Health First Aid (Ed4) course, Mental Health for the Older Person, and the 4-hour Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person course.

What others say about us.....

"Wendy is no doubt a talented and skilful instructor. She presented in an engaging and friendly manner and created a sense of community and support within the room - a difficult feat considering the nature of the information covered in the course and the unique challenges that presents.

She created a safe space in which to discuss topics notoriously hard to talk about and we were thus able to acquire a greater understanding into these than I would have expected to get from this course. She allowed enough time for the information to process and was considerate enough to check in regularly with her participants to ensure they were not only understanding the content, but that they were also handling it emotionally. She shared personal anecdotes which resonated with participants and made the content that much more personable and relatable.

Wendy is an invaluable asset to the mental health first aid industry, as she obviously not only possesses a great deal of knowledge in the area, but she knows how to communicate this knowledge so as to transfer it to others." 


MHFA Participant, 2017

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